Immigration, Tourism, Trade, Labour and Services (ITTLS)

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When the Heads of States of Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda held the first Northern Corridor Integration Projects meeting in Entebbe in 2013, they agreed to start an initiative to fast track integration of the East African region. They made the decision to fast track the EAC protocol on free movement of persons and requested that the Republic of Rwanda to spearhead projects related to the use of National Identity Cards as travel documents and the establishment of a Single Tourist Visa.

Major Achievements

  1. Since 1 January 2014, citizens of Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda have been able to use their National Identity Cards, Voter Cards or Students Cards as travel documents between the three countries.
  2. On 1 January 2014, the East Africa Tourist Visa was introduced, allowing travellers to visit Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda using a single visa. The visa is valid for multiple trips over a 90 day period and costs US $100.
  3. During the 3rd Summit in Kigali on 3 October 2014, partner states signed an agreement on establishment of One Stop Border Posts. Rwanda and Uganda have now started implementation with the contruction of a One Stop Border Post at Cyanika.
  4. Partner states have waived work permit fees for citizens of the Northern Corridor.


Strategic Path
The upcoming activities for the Immigration, Tourism, Trade, Labour and Services Cluster include:

  1. Signing the Agreement on Liberalisation of Labour and Services, which will lead to the establishment of a liberalised corridor in terms of labour and services.
  2. Partner states to propose strategies to address youth and women unemployment within the Northern Corridor.