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During the 7th Summit of NCIP held in Kampala, Uganda on 8th October, 2014, Partner States agreed that land is a crucial, cross cutting component in the implementation of the NCIP and recommended establishment of the Land Cluster.
The Summit underscored the importance of Land Cluster to spearhead land acquisition as well as address issues concerning land required for effective implementation of the envisaged projects.

The Land Cluster is tasked with determining land available for immediate short and long term project requirements, ascertaining land rights and interests of the Project Affected Persons (PAPs), valuation of land parcels of PAPs to determine the basis for compensation, establishment of the status of land ownership in project areas.
Subsequently during the 9th Summit on Infrastructure Corridor, the Summit approved the creation of the Land Cluster; welcomed the offer by the Republic of Kenya to coordinate the cluster activities and further directed the Ministers responsible for Land to expedite the process of land acquisition for urgent Infrastructure Projects.

Core mandate
The mandate of the Land Cluster is to coordinate land acquisition activities for all NCIP projects with a view to fast-tracking the processes and harmonize the different infrastructure projects into one corridor for effective and efficient implementation.

The cluster has been operational since the 9th Summit and has identified and engaged key stakeholders involved in implementing various infrastructural projects.
i.    Have identified the basic corridor
ii.    Have identified relevant statutes that need to be harmonized in order to fast-track land acquisition for NCIPs.
iii.    Have mapped out the processes of land acquisition with a view to harmonizing them across Partner States.

Key projects
i.    Standard Gauge Railway (SGR)
ii.    ICT
iii.    Power Generation Transmission and Inter-Connectivity
iv.    Crude Oil Pipeline
v.    Refined Oil Product Pipeline
vi.    Oil Refinery