Mutual Defence Cooperation

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The Defence Cluster is one of the  clusters of the Northern Corridor Integration Projects initiative. The cluster recognises that sustainable socio-economic development cannot be achieved without  stability. The cluster is based on the knowledge that contemporary challenges to  security and stability are too complex and diverse in nature to be addressed by single nation states, and as such, require collective approach and robust response.
The Defence Cluster is based on the Mutual Defence Pact, which was signed at the 4th  Summit held in Kampala on 20th  February 2014.


  • Conflict prevention, management and resolution
  • Prevention of genocide
  • Combating terrorism
  • Control of proliferation of illicit small arms and light weapons
  • Combating organised crime
  • Combating transnational crimes
  • Undertake disaster risks reduction, management and crisis response
  • Movement of people
  • Exchange of information and sharing of Intelligence
  • Addressing and combating cattle rustling
  • Combating economic crimes
  • Combating and suppressing piracy

Major Achievements

  • The establishment of policy organs.
  • The development of an implementation framework for the Mutual Defence Pac.t
  • The establishment of a Joint Intelligence Centre in Nairobi, Kenya.
  • The development of conflict and dispute resolution and genocide prevention mechanisms.

Strategic Path
The future plans of the Defence Cluster include, among others, the conclusion of a Cooperation Agreement on the Transfer of Prisoners and a Cooperation Agreement on Counter-Terrorism and other Transnational and Organised crimes.